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The prehistoric sage is in a different world. Private

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"Sure enough!"! If the power of internal strength is used well, it is incomparable to the physical body. I can display it skillfully in an instant. The next step is to constantly understand and find my own shortcomings,Kava Root Extract, so as to achieve faster and stronger superimposed power! Now the power of Lin Feng's inner strength has been above the physical body, if the two are combined together, coupled with a series of skills, Lin Feng even has the confidence to compete with the great martial artist. Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Chapter 030 of the main text: Cooperation again!] The days of streaking are too miserable. If you think this book is OK, please give some collection and recommendation support! Thanks again for the frustrations!) Such a day lasted less than seven days, Lin Feng that quiet day was broken, but the Huang family came to the door,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, hoping to seek cooperation matters. Sorry, I've been practicing these days, and I haven't paid attention to it for a while! Lin Feng casually shrugged his shoulders and looked at Huang Batian and said with a smile, "Master Huang, I've kept you waiting for a long time. This is the medicine I've refined these days!" As he spoke, Lin Feng took out a bottle of spray and handed it to Huang Batian. This is Huang Batian looked at Lin Feng doubtfully. Lin Feng shrugged her shoulders and said with a smile, "This is the potion I used to make when I had nothing to do. It's called a healing potion. It's good. It's specially used to stop bleeding and disinfect!" Huang Batian frowned and looked at Lin Feng and said, "Master Lin Feng, please forgive me for taking the liberty. We still have a lot of this potion, and the effect is.." "You can try the effect again!" Lin Feng interrupted Huang Batian's words: "Look at the curative effect!" Huang Batian also simply, directly from the bosom out of a sharp dagger, in his wrist decisively cut a knife, as if the hand is not his body, blood vessels were cut off, blood like water came out, then Huang Batian picked up the spray on the wrist sprayed twice, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Sex Enhancement Powder, very magical, the blood soon scarred together, a few seconds later, Huang Batian's wrist has completely stopped bleeding. . Lin Feng to provide nature is not a healing agent of Dan medicine, this thing is Western medicine, there is no so-called prescription,Heme Iron Polypeptide, he provided Dan Fang is called Jiazi Dan, Jiazi Dan, as the name implies is to enhance the power of a Jiazi. pioneer-biotech.com

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