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Holy Ruins _ 20200211202046 Private

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"Oh, the sword moves the starry sky for ten years, and I should also enter this planet!" On the same day, one of the empresses of the Great Xu Dynasty set foot on the earth, causing another shock, because not to mention her life experience, her school is too terrible, but also related to the top ten! All kinds of gods, saints have been on the road, destined to collide with the bright fire, this is a sudden arrival of the world! Chapter 472 collusion. ? Tarzan It was regarded by the ancestors as the origin of the sun and the breeding place of all things, and it has been an important birthplace of Oriental culture as early as ancient times. "Records of the Grand Historian Collected Explanations" has recorded: "The sky is too high to reach, so I set up a ceremony on Mount Tai to offer sacrifices to it, hoping to be close to the gods." Since ancient times, emperors of all Dynasties have offered sacrifices here many times. Chu wind arrived, near Mount Tai, overlooking its magnificent momentum, more and more magnificent. Mount Tai is more vigorous than before, the global evolution, the recovery of famous mountains, after many mutations, it has soared to tens of thousands of meters high! It is like a sleeping holy beast, across here, filled with pressure, surrounded by clouds, the oppression of people to suffocate. It does not know how many times larger than before, towering and majestic, like a huge city of God isolated from heaven and the world, above the mountain is the kingdom of God, under the mountain is the world. At the beginning, Chu Feng was still weak. He once witnessed the battle between the Lord of Yuxu Palace and the Peacock King here, which was amazing. Now he himself has come, and he wants to enter a higher field in the place of Fengshan. On the mountain, ancient trees cover the sun and giant vines meander. There are patches of pine, with the mountain wind blowing, making the sound of waves crashing, and the pines rumbling. This mountain is really too big, someone once said that the mountain is bigger than it, Shi Mogu and it, there is a reason. After the change of heaven and earth, here is completely different, gradually revealing its true face! Here is not quiet, there are tens of meters long birds of prey circling, there are hills of fierce animals, vertical and horizontal mountains,Fiberglass tape measure, from time to time issued a soul-stirring roar. "" With a loud roar, a bloody blue elephant in the distance was struggling. It was entangled by a big black snake and was gradually swallowing it. The snake was as thick as a train. At this time, the bird's song was deafening, which made people's blood churn. In the sky, a blood-colored giant bird nearly 200 meters long spread its wings and soared. Suddenly, it swooped down. Its sharp claws broke the giant snake, while its beak pecked at the blue elephant, killing both of them and leading them into the air and into the depths of the mountains. In midair, a large amount of blood was spilled. Chu Feng's expression congealed, and the fierce beasts in the folding space got rid of their shackles and came out? You can move around Mount Tai! Deep in the famous mountains, there are not only star roads, but also many prehistoric giants, trapped in those dimensions, always trying to break free. Nowadays, these famous mountains have simply turned into primitive places, reproducing the living environment faced by ancient ancestors. In addition, there are also some humanoid creatures climbing the mountain, including native evolutionists and creatures from outside the country. They all know that there is good fortune in the place of Fengshan, and every day people come to look for opportunities. On the mountain road, bloodstained, this kind of place can not be without fighting! Chu Feng did not take the right path to climb the mountain, but shuttled through the mountains and forests. Along the way, even in remote places, tape measure clip ,Walking tape measure, there were many inscriptions on cliffs, all of which were authentic works left by ancient celebrities.  This group of people's eyes are cold, just now the old man was defeated,fish measuring tape, which means that he must have no good end, but so dead in front of everyone, or let them get angry. tapemeasure.net