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Asylum for fierce ghosts Private

4 months ago Multimedia Astorga   56 views

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Qin Kun was sent downstairs, bought Green Onion Pie and soybean milk, and returned to Cui Honghu's home. After Cui Honghu started school, he got up earlier every day. He got to school at 7:30 and had to leave at 6:50. When he finished washing, he saw Qin Kun coming for breakfast. "Don't you think boiled eggs with Green Onion Pie and soybean milk taste bad?" He frowned. Qin Kun said contemptuously, "You're still picky at the stage of growing up. Do you understand what you eat to make up for?"? Before your master died, I had to watch you grow into a big bird. Under the veil, Cui Honghu blushed: "Qin Kun.." Can you not talk about big birds and little birds. Qin Kun three two gulps down Green Onion Pie, stuffy mouthful soya-bean milk, one face is contemptuous: "I mean you have to grow taller, you are only 160 now, too short.". What are you thinking about? Cui Honghu blushed even more, thinking that Qin Kun would pretend to be surprised and continue to taunt him as he discovered his secret, but no. Seeing Qin Kun in a rare trance, he said curiously, "How did you become dull after going out for a night?"? Who's bothering you? Qin Kun left a note yesterday afternoon, saying that he went to Wanrenlang, and when he came back, it became like this. Cui Honghu felt that he should have been in trouble. These days, he has been taken care of. Although Qin Kun is a rough man, he has a solid heart. After his master died, he treated him very well. He took care of almost all the big and small things in his family. Although Cui Honghu is very independent,dap diammonium phosphate, it is a very warm thing to be taken care of. Inadvertently, the impression of Qin Kun has greatly improved. Seeing Qin Kun in a daze, Cui Honghu opened his mouth and said, "Why don't I ask for leave today and go out with you?"? Maybe it can help. "Go to your school.". Don't worry about anything else. Qin Kun withdrew his thoughts and sorted out the garbage on the table and handed it to Cui Honghu. Cui Honghu was sent out of the door and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Sitting on the bed, Qin Kun browsed the information sent by Wanrenlang and called out all the ghosts. Apart from skinning, who is good at detection? Qin Kun added, "Try not to be found by anyone." The ghost general Dong Ao stepped forward and said, "I can." After a pause, Dong Ao added,Magnesium Oxide powder, "I can go to the suburbs." Before his death, Dong Ao was a general who rode on a horse with white bones. He was also a ghost general. He would expose the target in the city, but it was not a problem to get involved in the suburbs. "So can I," said the ghost Shen Jiang. Leave the waters to me! Shen Jiang Gui was a water thief before his death. He was buried at the bottom of the river and imprisoned in the Hebo Temple before he became a water ghost. His actions in the water were even more proficient than those of the water monk and the ghost in wedding clothes. Seal heart ghost king step forward: "Master, can I go?"? You can go anywhere. Seal heart ghost king has been inserted in the back of a knife, as long as the knife is not used, his ghost gas will not be exposed, is indeed a good detective. Qin Kun thought for a moment and said, "Forget it. You will be struck by lightning." Seal the heart ghost king back resentfully. In the world, if there is no great merit in the body, the ghost king and his like simply can not walk, often a Yang thunder falls, that terrible Tianwei, the ghost can not withstand. In addition to these three ghosts, no other ghosts dare to volunteer. In fact, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, anyone can investigate, but if you don't get caught, you have to say something else.  On the ceiling, hang dead ghost is sticking out tongue to hang over: "Father-in-law,Magnesium Oxide MgO, early in the morning say dead, bad luck." Grandfather Chang glared at him and said, "The miscellaneous family is unlucky to see you!"! The master is sleeping there. Why are you hanging on top of him? 。 stargrace-magnesite.com